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Ein Unternehmen der Gruppe BRUGG
Rings nets for Montecito, Santa Barbara - private funding - The Ellen Show

Montecito residents organize their debris flow protection

21. Januar 2019

On January 9th, 2018, mud and debris came down on Montecito, California. The sad facts: 23 persons died, 2 are still missing. 130 homes were destroyed, 300 damaged.

As heavy rainfalls and mudflows are to be expected in the future, a group of community volunteers organized Montecito’s protection. Googling the web, the volunteers found Geobrugg’s Debris Flow Barriers. They also convinced authorities to take action. Moreover, they successfully started raising money for the first privately-funded ring nets, with Geobrugg. The first two barriers out of eleven will be installed in winter 2019.

Now Pat McElroy and Les Firestein talked about their project at The Ellen Show.