Jeddah Corniche Circuit


The Jeddah Corniche Circuit is a temporary street circuit at a 30 km coastal resort area in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia). The track is 6.175 km long, has 27 turns, and most of those turns are high-speed turns, which are taken by around 200km/h. With a top speed of 326.40 km/h and an average speed of 252 km/h, it is the fastest street circuit and the second-fastest circuit in Formula 1. The Jeddah Corniche Circuits had its début on the Formula One calendar on the 5th December 2021. It was designed by the architects Hermann and Carsten Tilke. 

The track was built within record-breaking nine months and has several permanent buildings like the Royal Overlook or restaurants directly next to the circuit. After the F1 moves forward to the permanent race track in Qiddiya the complete track area and its building will be used as a public promenade respectively as museums or public event buildings. 


Geobrugg Motorsport worked in a close relationship with Tilke GmbH & Co. KG, the circuit designer of the Jeddah Corniche Circuit, to ensure the FIA Standard 3502-2018 debris fence. We also had close communications and several meetings with the Saudi Arabian Motor Federation to keep the client informed and meet his expectations. 

Geobrugg Motorsport provided:

  • construction layout design
  • delivery of molds and key elements to locally manufacturing of 3'300 pcs of concrete barrier elements & 125 pcs of Pit Wall concrete elements
  • delivery of debris fence panels
  • barrier production training at a local precast company
  • Assembly training for debris fence panel 
  • mobile debris fence installation training

Additionally, we supported the event organizer with installing the digi flag fixations. We also installed our flexible openings, which are used for TV camera operators and photographers. Furthermore, during the circuit installation, Geobrugg was permanently on-site to supervise the installation and execute the final inspection, including the FIA labeling. 


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