Cascade Mountain, US Highway 12

US-12, 98937, 48935 US-12, Naches, WA 98937
Washington State Department of Transportation
Washington State Department of Transportation
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Hi-Tech Rockfall Construction, Inc.
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780 m²
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25 m
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US Highway 12 is the Southern most pass that crosses the Cascade Mountain in the state of Washington, USA.  Numerous slopes near White Pass are active rockfall areas.  They have been mitigated over the decades with many solutions including numerous draped mesh systems composed of traditional cable nets.  One such antiquated cable net drape at MP 152 was draped across a rockfall chute and in 2017 was destroyed by severe rock and snow slides.  The Washington Department of Transportation decided to update the system with the stronger and improved Rolled Cable Nets (S4-250).


White Pass Scenic Byway and was featured in Newell Campbell’s geologic road guide (1975) (Fig. H-1). The byway passes through one of the most scenic and geologically interesting areas in Washington. There are tens of volcanic centers that range in age from earliest Miocene to Pleistocene. Late Paleozoic/Mesozoic sedimentary rocks and metamorphic rocks, glacial deposits, and large active landslides are also exposed along the way. The Russell Ranch Formation is exposed near MP 148 along US 12. The Russell Ranch unit includes marine sedimentary and volcanic rocks that are at least in part of Late Jurassic and Early Cretaceous age (~145–130 Ma).  Numerous Quarternary landslide and talus Deposits are also 

From INFORMATION CIRCULAR 107 (Pringle, et al.)


Geobrugg worked with the Washington Department of Transportation assisting them in creating a robust Rolled Cable Net drape. The updated drape included upsized and redundant support rope infrastructure. The support rope and flexible wire rope cable anchors were made of 1-1/8" ropes having 130 kip ultimate strength.  The Rolled Cable Nets (S4-250) being 30 % stronger than the nets being replaced were chosen as they performed well in another nearby installation. Hi-Tech Rockfall Construction, Inc. performed scaling at the site and quickly installed the large Rolled Cable Net panels.


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