United States
United States

Avalanche Prevention

The efficient protection against avalanches

Monitoring and Services

Reduce the number of inspections and increase safety at the same time

Tested in 1:1 large scale field tests

Collaboration with research institutes and certification bodies

Debris Flow Protection

Flexible ring net barriers protect what is downstream

Rockfall Protection

Barriers, nets and meshes for protection against rockfall

Slope Stabilization

Sustainable and visually appealing systems for slope stabilization

Made of high-tensile steel wire

Innovative technologies to protect infrastructure and industry

Impact Protection

Nets and meshes for customized safety solutions

Shallow Landslide Protection

Flexible barriers to protect against near surface landslides

Motorsport Barriers

Optimized safety for your race circuit

Ground Support

Meshes for underground mining, roadway, and railway tunnels

News and Posts

Focus on projects

Bodenberg B21,

Flexible wire mesh for slope stabilization

Head office and production

Natural Hazards

Kevin H. Coyle

Natural Hazards

Saleh Feidi

Natural Hazards

John Kalejta

Natural Hazards

Bob Lyne

Natural Hazards

Pierce Runnels

Natural Hazards

Tim Shevlin

Natural Hazards