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Safe working at heights - cement plants

Our protective solutions for cement plants ensure a new safety level in this segment during repair and maintenance work: Workers who carry out cleaning or other regularly required work in preheaters are protected much better from falling debris than before. Encrustations and refractory material on the walls of the kiln inlet chamber and the preheater often break off during cleaning work and represent a considerable danger for employees and infrastructure when they fall into the depth. Our innovative system minimizes this danger efficiently: our protective structures based on high-tensile steel wire mesh arrest up to 1,000 kg when falling from a height of 10 meters and ensure sustainably the danger zone for workers. The system, including brakes, is particularly easy to mount in the riser duct and can be completely installed by just three persons within half a day with just a handful of tools


Reliably absorbs and dissipates high forces

The flexible Geobrugg system with high-tensile steel wire catching nets, ropes and brakes withstands high forces.

Installation without endangering employees

System is inserted from the outside into the preheater, no one has to be exposed to the danger zone.

Fixing to preheater outside

Boundary ropes are fixed to the outer shell with the brake elements.

Stopping of spillage

Foil between the safety meshes.

Quick installation

Reduction of the installation time of one day compared to conventional stage constructions.

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Ivo Naef
Ivo Naef
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