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MESHA® installation handler: faster, safer, fully mechanized

MESHA® installation handler: faster, safer, fully mechanized

The MESHA® installation handler is a mechanized unrolling device mounted onto standard drilling jumbos or bolters. It is installed on one of the jumbo booms, with the drill and anchoring equipment situated on the other boom. This means the jumbo is fully equipped for unrolling and anchoring the high-tensile MINAX® meshes in a single process. The mesh roll is automatically grasped and unwound along the tunnel profile in both directions (vertically and horizontally); during the process, the installation crew is never exposed to working under unsupported ground. The MESHA® installation handler is compatible with all multi-arm standard drilling jumbos and bolters, making surface stabilization considerably safer, easier, and more economical.


30 to 40% shorter installation time

30 to 40 % shorter installation time

Boost in installation efficiency: Significantly quicker surface stabilization compared to systems that use other meshes or fiber-reinforced shotcrete.

Developed and tested in practice

Developed and tested in practice

Reliable and durable: The reliability of the system has been proven in practical applications across the globe.

Mechanized, controlled mesh unrolling

Mechanized, controlled mesh unrolling

Operators are never put at risk: Consistent, completely secure fastening of the mesh to the rock face.

Simple design

Simple design

Easy to install on all jumbos and bolters: Installation using standard tools enables parallel drilling and anchoring, with drilling equipment and the MESHA® installed on a boom without the need for moving equipment, which reduces costs.

Low weight


Continuous operation: Manual work is kept to a minimum and greater quantities of mesh can be processed simultaneously.

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