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Tie bar protection: Protection from the catapult action of ruptured bar anchors

Tie bar protection: Protection from the catapult action of ruptured bar anchors

Corroded tie bars in the vicinity of gravity walls can become brittle and pose a threat to adjacent travel lanes. Geobrugg offers two possible tie bar protection options: The ABOXX (anchor head securing box) is an interceptor box installed over the anchor head. It has braking elements fitted at the sides that reliably prevent broken anchor heads from being projected from the bore hole. Alternatively, Geobrugg offers a tie bar protection that consists of a high-tensile steel wire mesh and braking rods. The mesh is stretched in front of the tie bar heads and the four braking rods are arranged to have two at the top and two at the bottom. The mesh and rods work together to reduce kinetic energies of up to 30 kJ resulting in a deflection of only 40 cm.


Quick installation

Quick installation

Minimum lane closure time: ABOXX tie bar protection can be installed onto fragile anchors in a very short time

Braking elements

Braking elements

High energy absorption: In the event of a tie bar fracture, the braking elements deform, thus dissipating the transferred energy.

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