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Fences for construction sites, tunnel renovations or public events

Fences for construction sites, tunnel renovations or public events

Our mobile road fences are ideal for temporary security measures. As an immediate measure, for example after a landslide or for years of use, for example in tunnel renovations. They also provide protection during public events. Net panels can be adapted to existing concrete elements. You can also rent the elements from our partner NORDBETON.


High-tensile steel wire

The mesh made out of high- tensile steel wire with a tensile strength of >= 1,770 N/mm2, enables maximum energy absorption with minimum deformation.

Harmonized System

The barriers are designed to work together. They can be combined or connected to each other.

Plug and play principle

Our solutions are based on a plug and play principle. Installation manuals or movies make it easy to do the installation.


Our design is made for easy relocation.

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Urs Dornbierer
Urs Dornbierer
General Manager Industrial and Safety Solutions
Impact protection
Geobrugg AG
Aachstrasse 11
8590 Romanshorn / Switzerland
Phone+41 71 466 84 14
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