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Pit wall: Completes requirements of motorsport circuits

Pit wall: Completes requirements of motorsport circuits

The pit wall is intrinsic to the perception of quality of a venue due to the focus placed upon it at racing events by spectators and the media. Therefore, the pit wall must be presented to the very highest standards, a standard that our pit wall solution delivers.

We provide pit wall barriers, pit wall fences, and gates for a perfect experience for users and spectators alike. Our unique pit wall system is suitable for permanent race tracks and city racetracks on flat, asphalted grounds. The system allows a flexible extension of the pit wall when future requirements ask for it.


Strong high tensile wire

High-tensile steel wire net

The mesh made out of high- tensile steel wire with a tensile strength of >= 1,770 N/mm2, enables maximum energy absorption with minimum deformation.

Our barriers are installed at FIA and FIM homologated circuits around the world.

FIA accepted

Our barriers are installed at FIA homologated circuits around the world.

Design expertise

Rely on our expertise of designing proven and reliable solutions.

Elements fit together.


The modular pit wall allows to adjust to your future needs. Additional elements and / or gates can be easily connected and the pit wall extended.

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Pit wall

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Jochen Braunwarth
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