Debris Fence 6m: Better vision, less installation

Debris Fence 6m: Better vision, less installation

The Geobrugg debris fence with 6 meters post spacing, successfully passed the angled impact test, according to the FIA Standard 3502-2018. Small adjustments enhanced the overall performance of the system. The 6 m Debris Fence improves the spectator viewing area and cuts down on installation costs. It is an ideal choice for new construction, circuits wanting to improve the spectator experience, for rallycross circuits, and private and testing facilities.


strong wire mesh

High-tensile steel wire net

The mesh made out of high- tensile steel wire with a tensile strength of >= 1,770 N/mm², enables maximum energy absorption with minimum deformation.


The unobtrusive mesh structure and an increased cable spacing allow a better view on the race circuit.

Harmonized System

Geobrugg motorsport barriers are designed to work together. They can be combined or connected to each other.

Less posts

Fewer posts mean faster installation and lower cost.

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Debris Fence 6m 2.8 m high
Debris Fence 6m 3.5 m high

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Jochen Braunwarth
Jochen Braunwarth
Director Motorsport Solutions
Geobrugg AG