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Concrete barriers: For temporary or permanent track safeguarding

Concrete barriers: For temporary or permanent track safeguarding

In cooperation with our partner, NORDBETON, we set up the local production of the required concrete barriers. Geobrugg provides molds, essential elements, and training to produce both standard and double-sided concrete barriers. Both barrier types can be equipped with the Geobrugg debris fence panels making them compliant to the FIA Standard 3502-2018. Available barrier types:

- Single sided barriers for standard applications and racing on one side of the barrier

- Double-sided barriers for racing on both sides of the barrier (e.g., joker lap at WRX or city race circuits)



FIA accepted

Our barriers are installed at FIA homologated circuits around the world.

simple to install

Plug and play principle

Our solutions are based on a plug and play principle. Installation manuals or movies make it easy to do the installation.

Connection system

Connection claws

Special connection claws guarantee a fast, easy but also strong link between the barriers.

Adaptation of the mobile FIA debris fence


Our design enables to easy relocate the marshal post in case of circuit modifications.

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System drawings

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