Special Motorsport Solutions: Protection for track marshals and workers

The Geobrugg marshal post is designed to protect both marshals and track workers. Its unique design offers a high level of protection and the flexibility of moving the marshal post around your circuit. The marshal post consists of a solid NORDBETON concrete base with our marshal post fence panels. The trackside facing panel has two openings allowing flag operations or a fast response in case of an accident. As a stand-alone solution, the marshal post can be installed free-standing or behind a guardrail. For free-standing solutions make sure the marshal post is additionally protected with tire six packs.

According to the customer's requirements, we can also plan for and include implement openings, i.e., for camera teams or photographers.

High-tensile steel wire net

The mesh made out of high- tensile steel wire with a tensile strength of >= 1,770 N/mm2, enables maximum energy absorption with minimum deformation.

FIA accepted

Our barriers are installed at FIA homologated circuits around the world.

Plug and play principle

Our solutions are based on a plug and play principle. Installation manuals or movies make it easy to do the installation.


Our design enables to easy relocate the marshal post in case of circuit modifications.


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Jochen Braunwarth

Jochen Braunwarth

Director Motorsport Solutions