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MINAX® 80/4: Most economical to support rock bursting tunnels

MINAX® 80/4: Most economical to support rock bursting tunnels

MINAX® 80/4 is the perfect solution for highly stressed tunnel profiles subject to the risk of rock squeeze and bursting, as a replacement or extension of shotcrete, fibercrete or mesh in conjunction with cable lacing. In particular for dynamic surfaces, it provides an extremely attractive cost-performance ratio.
Tests conducted by the Western Australian School of Mines (WASM) have shown that high-tensile MINAX® mesh with a wire tensile strength of at least 1,770 N/mm2 is able to withstand substantially higher static and dynamic loads than conventional reinforcement nets. This also enables higher levels of rockburst energy to be absorbed.


High-tensile steel wire

High-tensile steel wire

For high load capacity: Both static and dynamic capacities (e.g. while blasting) are higher compared to other surface support meshes/nets.

Balanced stiffness

Balanced Stiffness

Very high load capacities (both static and dynamic) with optimal deformations, not endangering tunnel clearance.

Rhomboidal chain-link structure

Rhomboidal chain-link structure

For easy handling and storing: Manual and mechanized installation by unrolling with any mechanized technology.

Low weight


For fast installation: Very light relative to its strength due to the high-tensile wire. This makes manual or mechanical installation very easy and improves the occupational health and safety.

Knotted ends

Knotted ends

For maximum stability at the edges: Profit from minimized overlapping, optimized number of rock bolts and no sharp edges.

Cutting edge corrosion protection

Whether hot dip galvanized, SUPERCOATING®, stainless steel: After our analysis of the environmental conditions in your mine, we offer the corrosion protection solution, according to your specific needs.

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