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easy installation of the GUARD monitoring device for natural hazard protection

The city of Freiburg supplements rockfall protection with remote monitoring

11 October 2022

The city of Fribourg secures various roads that lie below rock faces with rockfall protection barriers. To monitor the condition of these barriers, it is installing 16 GUARD monitoring devices. With the new safety concept, the city can effectively and specifically protect the routes that are well used by local recreationists.

With the remote monitoring system developed by Geobrugg, those responsible for the city of Freiburg will always know the status of their barriers - in real-time. 16 GUARDs will be in service from the end of October on eight rockfall protection nets, each on the Grandes-Rames and in the Galterntal (Gottéron).

This will not only increase safety. It will also reduce the time and effort required for on-site inspections. In the future, events such as rockfalls or increasing earth pressure after heavy rain will trigger an alarm. The affected areas will then be inspected and, if necessary, repaired. At the same time, specific maintenance keeps the nets in better condition, which increases their service life. 

The photo shows Dario Carrea, Project Manager for Natural Hazards, Ville de Fribourg, during installation, which takes only a few minutes.