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Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya 2023

Race circuits & proving grounds - Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya 2023 2023

Debris Fence with 6 meters of post spacing behind the permanent wall

Race circuits & proving grounds - Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya 2023 2023

Extended run-off area in Turn 1


System length

528 m


Year of installation


Initial situation

In preparation for the 2023 sporting season with a total of 17 sporting events, including world championships like the Formula 1 Grand Prix, MotoGP, eTouring Car World Cup, World Superbike, the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya used the winter break to carry out some modifications to its venue.

The run-off area in turn 1 was widened to increase safety for riders and drivers, increasing its surface by almost 40%. With a new tribune in turn 1 and a new building at pit lane exit, our permanent debris fence was chosen as second line of protection. Changes in track configuration for the last two corners also raised a requirement for increased safety on the verge of the track in turn 16.


With 325 days of track activity in 2022, only a small amount of time was available to install our debris fence. Thanks to a great team and our on-site support, the new debris fence in turn 1 and 2 was installed within five days. This fence was installed behind a new permanent wall and allowed to resume track activity during the construction of a new tribune in turn 1.


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