Stanwell Park, Railway Corridor, 2020

Lawrence Hargrave Drive (Rail Corridor), 2508, Stanwell Park New South Wales, Australie
Objet protégé
Chemin de fer
Classe énergétique
500 kJ
Hauteur du système
3.0 m
Longueur du système
147 m
Protection anticorrosion
Situation de départ

Rockfall into the rail corridor from both the crest and the face

Slope inclination: 80

Subsoil: Sandstone, weathered, jointy


The rockfall protection system consists of a 147 l/m impact attenuator, a S3-130 (SPIDER®) drape tail, and a separate 650 m² S3-130 drape.

See the complete attenuator in this video

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Roger Moor
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