Carrière de Michelau N27 (II)

N27, 9146, Erpeldange-Michelau, Люксембург
Ministère du développement durable et des infrastructures, Adm. des Ponts et Chaussées, Division de la Voirie de Diekirch
Защищаемый объект
Дорога, Туристическая инфраструктура
Другие конструкции
Камнепады, обвалы, осыпи, Укрепление склонов

The road has been protected for years by two rockfall barriers RXI-500. At this location exists a very high rockfall activity. For these reasons, the fence's material
must be removed regularly, which requires regular inspections of the fence. Not only small events can fill the barrier over time. Also, large rockfall events can
occur. The rockfall barriers must then be emptied immediately.


To guarantee constant monitoring, nine Geobrugg GUARD devices were installed on the two fences.

With an acceleration sensor, larger rock impacts can be detected. The force measurement measures the slow filling of the fence. Furthermore, a corrosion sensor records the corrosion at this specific location, classifies it, and calculates the material service life.

Installation and initial start-up were carried out independently by the customer.

Credit for pictures: Administration des ponts et chaussées Division de la voirie de Diekirch - GEO Benelux. Merci!

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