Steinschlagschutz-Galerien Mattstock und Churfirsten, Weesen, Szwajcaria
Tiefbauamt des Kantons St. Gallen, Abteilung Strassen- und Kunstbauten
Casutt Wyrsch Zwicky AG
Locher Bauunternehmer AG, Zürich, Switzerland
Chroniony Objekt
Wysokość ochronna systemu
1.5 m, 2.0 m
Sytuacja początkowa

The Swiss National Road No. 17 between Weesen and Amden was endangered by stone and block striking. Between autumn 1978 and August 1981 the  Mattstock Gallery with a length of 110 meters and the Churfirsten Gallery with a length of 155 meters were created.

After various rockfall events and activities the danger situation of the whole street section was checked. The static calculation showed that the two galleries would only cover energies of 300 to max. 500 kJ as standard.

Based on a risk assessment, it was decided to fortify the two galleries for the scenario with a probability of a recovery period of 10 to 30 years with energies of 200 to 1'900 kJ.

Opis zastosowanego rozwiazania

ROCKFALL-X G Damping system with cellular glass fill material and TECCO® mesh as protection for the rockfall galleries Mattstock and Churfirsten.

Modules: 1’300 pieces 1,3 m und 575 pieces 2,0 m heigh cellular glass filled ROCKFALL-X G damping modules.

Rockfall energies: 200 kJ to 1‘900 kJ.

Osoba kontaktowa na miejscu

Roger Moor
Roger Moor
Country Manager Ost- und Zentralschweiz, Liechtenstein
Zagrożeniami naturalnymi, Coastal Erosion Protection, Kopalnie / Wydobycie / Tunel
Geobrugg AG
Aachstrasse 11
8590 Romanshorn / Szwajcaria
René Müller
René Müller
Country Manager Kantone AG BE BL BS FR GE JU NE SO VD VS
Zagrożeniami naturalnymi, Kopalnie / Wydobycie / Tunel
Geobrugg AG
Industriestrasse 21
5200 Brugg / Szwajcaria
Isacco Toffoletto
Isacco Toffoletto
Ticino Country Manager
Zagrożeniami naturalnymi, Kopalnie / Wydobycie / Tunel
Geobrugg AG Ticino
Stabile Cometal, via Pizzante 7
6595 Riazzino / Szwajcaria