TECCO® TRAPUNTA – Higher safety under water

TECCO® Trapunta is designed for underwater application; the compact cell arrangement resists the most demanding conditions. It protects water-based infrastructures, such as scouring around harbor walls, bridge piers and underwater installations of pipework and cables. TECCO® Trapunta also is used for seabed sediment control as its flexibility enables it to adapt to the existing seabed. The high-tensile stainless-steel mesh ensures unparalleled durability in seawater.


High-tensile steel wire

The mesh made of high-tensile steel wire enables maximum energy absorption with maximum flexibility.

Design expertise

Rely on our expertise of designing proven and reliable solutions.


The modular design allows the protection of small areas as well as large stretches of coast and can be easily installed.

Seawater resistance

High-class stainless steel components guarantee a long lifespan even in highly corrosive environment.

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Roger Moor
Roger Moor
Country Manager Ost- und Zentralschweiz, Liechtenstein
Zagrożeniami naturalnymi, Coastal Erosion Protection, Kopalnie / Wydobycie / Tunel
Geobrugg AG
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