ATIVA - Highway Turin Aosta, Quissolo

Autostrada ATIVA Torino Ivrea Valle d'Aosta, Quissolo, Włoch
Specjalne rozwiązania Mobile Road Fencing
SOILDATA - Robbiate (Lecco)
S.I.CO.GEN. s.r.l. (Società Italiana Costruzioni Generali)
Chroniony Objekt
Wysokość ochronna systemu
3.5 m
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Ochrona przed obrywami skalnymi, Mobilne ogrodzenia drogowe
Sytuacja początkowa

The motorway Torino - Valla d'Aosta (Turin - Aosta Valley) is located in the mountainous, northern region.  It runs through a series of tunnels and open sectors.  The slopes are very steep and rockfalls are frequent.  There are scheduled cleanings or scalings performed regularly.  The motorway is an important traffic connection and has to be kept open during maintenance.  The open lanes must be protected from rocks, stones, wood and debris.

Opis zastosowanego rozwiazania

ATIVA is the Italian autostrada operator.  The companies Soildata and Geobrugg developed a new type of barrier for them.  Geobrugg has many years of experience in the dynamic absorption of kinetic energy.

The new barrier is modular, making it fast and easy to install.  Steel frames of high-tensile steel wire mesh were fixed on existing concrete elements (called “New Jersey type”).  The system is removable and reusable and offers maximum flexibility.  In case of impact, the fence and concrete elements offer ideal protection.

Meshes, ropes, and net sections are connected with a helix spiral of high-tensile steel.  They  would activate the whole system in case of an impact.

Osoba kontaktowa na miejscu

Ivo Naef
Ivo Naef
Sales Manager Safety Solutions
Impact Protection
Geobrugg AG
Aachstrasse 11
8590 Romanshorn / Szwajcaria