Bulli Pass (2)

Wollongong, Australia
Roads and Maritime Authority, New South Wales
Department of Public Works, (Project Management)
Specialised Geo Pty Ltd (GHD Contractor)
Otras empresas participantes
Consultant Andrew Hunter Coffey/GHD (Geotechnical Consultant); Consultant Philip Flentje (University of Wollongong)
Objeto protegido
Altura del sistema
3.5 m, 4.0 m
Protección contra la corrosión
Número de barreras
Capacidad de retención
150 kN/m² N/A m³
Otras aplicaciones instaladas
Protección contra caídas de rocas
Situación inicial

The Wollongong Escarpment Area in Wollongong New South Wales is unstable and Bulli Pass is subject to rockslides especially in times of heavy rainfall. Bulli Pass has a history of slip and rock fall events. A major slip in 2008 required slope stabilisation works with the road being closed for seven weeks. Following several events, including a serious rock fall that landed on a vehicle in 2015, there have been extensive investigations into the upslope section of Bulli Pass.  After detailed analysis Geobrugg Australia was chosen as the preferred supplier of a Rock Fall and Landslide mitigation system.


The project reduces the residual slope risk profile from landslide and rock fall events. The project consisted of a 1.1 km of SL-150 Shallow Landslide Barrier and a combination of VX and UX flood debris catchment nets.  The system now provides rock fall and landslide protection from a road that has 14'000 car movements a day.  The barrier is 3.5 m high including over 1'000 rock nail anchors constructed in difficult terrain. The Barrier is also capable of containing a 500 kg rock travelling at 160 km/hour.

More information:

- Video from Specialised GEO

- Roads & Maritime, New South Wales

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