Tory wyścigowe - Zhengzhou International Circuit 2018

Overview of demo products installed for FIA inspection

Tory wyścigowe - Zhengzhou International Circuit 2018

Detailed view on the installed demo section for FIA approval


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3800 m


Rok Instalacji / Montazu


Sytuacja początkowa

Zhengzhou International Circuit will be a new racing destination in the Henan Province, China. Zhengzhou will feature a permanent circuit which can be divided into two circuits with independent pit lanes. Additionally, a city circuit extension is planned to host high profile events on a partly temporary circuit.

Opis zastosowanego rozwiazania

Geobrugg motorsport does the consulting for the barrier selection. We designed, produced and delivered the different motorsport barriers and train local crews in the installation of the motorsport barriers.

All concrete barriers required for the mobile debris fence sections are produced locally in Zhengzhou with NORDBETON molds and key elements.


Zhengzhou International Car Park


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