The Motor Enclave

6499 N Falkenburg Road., FL 33610, Tampa
Wysokość ochronna systemu
3.5 m
Dlugosc systemu od
- 366 m
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The 200-acre project, located in the east of Tampa, includes 100 acres of off-roading track and a 1.6-mile circuit. The 1.6-mile paved circuit was designed by Hermann Tilke, a German engineer responsible for nearly two dozen Formula One tracks around the world.

As the owners rate the track, not as a racing facility and emphasize the high safety of the circuit, they have choosen the latest Geobrugg's debris fence system with 6m post spacing. 

Opis zastosowanego rozwiazania

Geobrugg delivered 1200ft of the FIA homologated Debris Fence with 6m post spacing, which were installed around the 1.6mile paved circuit. 

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Pieter Martens
Pieter Martens
Project Manager Motorsport
Geobrugg AG
Aachstrasse 11
8590 Romanshorn / Szwajcaria