Tory wyścigowe - Silverstone - Wellington Straight 2023

Silverstone - Wellington Straight

Tory wyścigowe - Silverstone - Wellington Straight 2023

Improved spectator view

Tory wyścigowe - Silverstone - Wellington Straight 2023

Geobrugg mobile debris fence (mDF350-3)

Tory wyścigowe - Silverstone - Wellington Straight 2023

6-metre gate

Tory wyścigowe - Silverstone - Wellington Straight 2023

Homologated system according to FIA standard 3502-2018

Tory wyścigowe - Silverstone - Wellington Straight 2023

New homologated fencing system on Wellington Straight


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- 500 m


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Sytuacja początkowa

Silverstone is one of the most historic racetracks on the F1 circuit.

It hosted the first-ever F1 race in 1943 and the first round of the F1 world championship in 1950. The iconic track has been the permanent home of the British Grand Prix since 1987.

The Silverstone track is 5.8 kilometres long, and its layout consists of 18 corners, making it one of the most technically demanding of the F1 season. The drivers love the flowing nature of the corners, which require a high level of downforce to ensure a very precise turn-in to the corners.

Opis zastosowanego rozwiazania

Silverstone wanted to bring the fans closer to action and improve the view of the spectators without compromising their safety. 

With the scope of track improvements along the high-speed Wellington Straight, Geobrugg was awarded to deliver the mobile debris fence system to ensure that the newly installed safety system is quick and easy to install and meets the FIA standard 3502-2018.

The Geobrugg System made it possible to move fans approximately 15 metres closer to action. It is flexible enough to make future modifications possible without a big effort.

As in the Wellington area, not only races take place but also concerts with 80'000 people and more. Silverstone requested three 6-metre gates to be used as rapid evacuation devices. Geobrugg designed and delivered special gates that meet all FIA-requirements and can also be turned onto the racetrack to evacuate the concert area quickly.

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