Pôle Mécanique Alès Cévennes

Alès, Francja
Wysokość ochronna systemu
3.5 m
Dlugosc systemu od
80 m - 210 m
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Tory wyścigowe
Sytuacja początkowa

Geobrugg was asked to develop a Pit Wall Fence solution according to the newest FIA guideline, which can be fixed to the existing pit wall barrier. Furthermore, a section next to the pit wall barrier had to be protected with a debris fence.

Opis zastosowanego rozwiazania

The pit wall fence panel fixation was adjusted to work with the existing pit wall barrier and pit wall gate. Special consoles allowed the standard fence panels to be used on the narrow top edge of the custom wall.

In addition, a section of debris fence was placed behind the wall at the entrance area in front of the pit lane.

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Marty Hunt
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