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Les multiples usages des barrières anti-débris

30 Juin 2022

Nos clôtures de protection ont une nouvelle fois prouvé leur polyvalence. Le système de sport automobile est de plus en plus utilisé sur les routes.


Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn avec ROCCO-2000

4 Mai 2022

Le tronçon Andermatt - Göschenen de la ligne ferroviaire Matterhorn Gotthard est traversé jusqu'à 56 fois par jour. Dans la zone du portail du tunnel, sous le Teufelswand, l'infrastructure ferroviaire et les trains qui passent sont exposés à un risque élevé d'éboulement.


Mistake Generators' to Test F1 Driver Skills to the Limit at Miami Grand Prix

4 Mai 2022

The Miami International Autodrome will test Formula One driver skills to the limit, as the circuit prepares to host its first-ever Grand Prix this weekend at the Hard Rock NFL stadium. 11’526 meters of Geobrugg Motorsport Debris Fences will protect the track.


Expert course on flexible protection structures

14 Avril 2022

From March 29 to April 1, 2022, Geobrugg conducted its second expert course (CONSIS) to impart knowledge about flexible barriers and their function and maintenance.


La première barrière ROCCO-1000 se trouve en France.

29 Mars 2022

La première barrière Rocco 1000 a été installée en France.


Marine Snapback Events

21 Mars 2022

Geobrugg fences have been successfully tested for snapback events.


FIA Approves Advanced Debris Fences for Grade 1 Circuits

1 Mars 2022

New technology enables wider spacing between fence posts to give greater safety for drivers, better viewing for spectators and increased sustainability for circuits.

FIA Approves Advanced Debris Fences

E-Tankstelle Geobrugg Romanshorn

26 Janvier 2022

Les stations de recharge électrique de Geobrugg sont prêtes à l'emploi, elles fonctionnent avec les wallboxes intégrées de BRUGG eConnect.


Testing the barrier to the limit and over it

16 Decembre 2021

In mid-2021, we carried out certification tests for a new rockfall protection barrier. After two obligatory and successfully held tests (service energy level 1 +2), the program is complete - all the standards required here. But the tested barrier still looked too good. The engineers wondered: How many times can we drop the test block into the barrier before giving up? More in the video.


En Français: Guide pratique pour les filets de protection contre les laves torrentielles et les coulées de boue

3 Decembre 2021

Le Guide pratique pour les filets de protection contre les laves torrentielles et les coulées de boue (Institut fédéral de recherches sur la forêt, la neige et le paysage WSL) est maintenant disponible en français.


In German only: Neues rund um den Sachkundelehrgang Betrieb, Inspektion, Unterhalt

19 Novembre 2021

News in German only


SAE International John Melvin Motorsport Safety Award for Geobrugg

28 Octobre 2021

Geobrugg Motorsport and the Dynamic Test Center (DTC) team, have been recently awarded the 2020 SAE International John Melvin Motorsport Safety Award. Sponsored by NASCAR in honor of Dr. John Melvin, a pioneer in driver safety, this award recognizes those who bring about significant positive change and elevate safety levels in the world of motorsports.


Rolando Romero becomes General Manager of Geobrugg Andina Peru

20 Octobre 2021

Geobrugg continues to expand its commercial activities in Latin America and creates Geobrugg Andina Peru. Rolando Romero becomes the new General Manager, who has been with Geobrugg in Peru for the last 7 years.


Protection works around Kaikoura/New Zealand

14 Octobre 2021

We've posted on it before: Protection works around Kaikoura / New Zealand. Besides the self-cleaning rockfallcanopy a whole range of Geobrugg systems has been installed.


Stabilization of a coastal promenade in France

10 Octobre 2021

Pour pallier à l’érosion des cotes de l’île, le bureau d’études Gaïa Geo Structure a validé notre grillage DELTAX INOX. Le fil INOX est une solution performante, très discrète et appropriée aux milieux humides et salins, tout en respectant l’intégrité du littoral.


Superdrape in Gallivaggio

22 Septembre 2021

The village of Gallivaggio in northern Italy was hit by a massive rockfall in 2018. Without safety measures, the village would remain largely uninhabitable. As a result 90.000 sqm of Geobrugg rockfall drapes got installed in only a few kamov helicopter rotations on a rockslope to protect the village.


Et le gagnant est...

10 Septembre 2021

Et le gagnant est... le Geobrugg GUARD ! Nous avons reçu le LEADER Digital Award 2021 dans la catégorie "business" pour le développement de notre dispositif de télésurveillance : Le GUARD rend les structures de protection contre les risques naturels intelligentes en quelques minutes et permet une surveillance numérique permanente de l'état de ces installations. C'est avant tout une victoire pour plus de sécurité et des économies dans la maintenance de ces structures !


Geobrugg Iberica receives European Award for Business Talent

26 Juillet 2021

On July 23, Geobrugg Iberica was awarded the European Award for Business Talent 2021. The gala took place at the Hotel Marriot in Madrid. Roberto Luis, CEO of Geobrugg Iberica and representing the Swiss company in Spain, accepted the award with pride. The recognized award was given to 30 companies out of a total of 300 nominees.


On-site training in Walenstadt

15 Juillet 2021

A perfect day for on-site training: The Geobrugg staff ist getting updates at the Geobrugg test site in Walenstadt. Aron Vogel attaches the a remote status monitoring device - the Geobrugg GUARD - to a rockfall barrier. 5 minutes and 3 things and are needed from installation up to the start-up: the GUARD device, a torque wrench and a smartphone.


Vaccination Covid-19 at Geobrugg

1 Juin 2021

Together with Fatzer and Voigt, a company in the neighborhood, we organized Covid-19 vaccinations for our staff and their families. Also colleagues living in Germany or Austria  had been invited. 


TECCO® CELL for coastal erosion protection

5 Mai 2021

Climate change does not have its effect only on land, but also the coastlines are suffering damage and erosion due to higher quantity and quality of storms. Geobrugg has started to implement a new product for coastal erosion protection:TECCO® CELL.


Know-how day at Geobrugg

30 Avril 2021

Once a month, our engineers and experts meet their colleagues from all over the world. The goal is to build up and refresh Geobrugg's basic technical knowledge. The training contents stretch from minor but essential details of our solutions to the latest natural hazard technologies. It is also an occasion to meet the global Geobrugg family - at least digitally.


Raise the test rate in underground mining

6 Avril 2021

At the picturesque Walensee/Switzerland, Geobrugg operates a test center in a closed mine to subject products to rockburst tests. To test at an even faster rate, we opened a second mining test facility in the spring.

We raise the test rate for underground

The first 10'000 kJ rockfall barrier in India

1 Mars 2021

A milestone for rockfall protection: India's first 10,000 kJ rockfall barrier - the strongest in the world, has been installed in Malchej Ghat. The ring net barrier protects a vital highway. The area is famous among tourists and unfortunately notorious for frequent rockfalls. Watch the video


IndyCar Set for Six-Car Side-By-Side Battle at Music City Grand Prix

4 Février 2021

New Nashville city circuit designed with excitement and safety at the forefront.