Codelco El Teniente Copper Mine

Sewell, Rancagua, Chili
Codelco - the National Copper Corporation of Chile / El Teniente mine
Autres sociétés participantes
Salfa Montajes (Salfacorp S.A.) / Züblin International GmbH Chile SpA
Objet protégé
Carrière / Mines
Protection anticorrosion
Longueur de clou
4 m
Schéma de clou a
1 m / 1 m
Situation de départ

El Teniente in Chile is the world largest underground copper mine.  Due to specific rock conditions, the risk of rock bursts is very high.  Since security standards at Codelco are amongst the highest worldwide, margins for failure from rock bursts are very low.  In the past, several rock bursts have affected personnel and operations.


To protect people and equipment at El Teniente, a combination of shotcrete with MINAX® 65/4 and/or MINAX® 80/4 was used.  This solution was successfully tested at Geobrugg's dynamic test center in Walenstadt, Switzerland.  Results were above satisfactory.

In addtion to the MINAX® mesh, installation was completely mechanized with Geobrugg's handler called, MESHA®.  MESHA® increases safety and the efficiency of the ground.

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