Autodromo di Franciacorta

25030, Castrezzato, Italie
Hauteur du système
3.5 m
Longueur du système
12 m - 160 m
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The Autodromo di Franciacorta racetrack in the center of northern Italy has become Porsche's eighth and currently biggest Porsche Experience Center in the world. The facility was taken over in 2019 and massively refurbished. 

The 2'519 meters long racetrack will maintain its layout. Additionally, a Geobrugg debris fence has been installed to upgrade to FIA Grade 2 level.

A restaurant and the terrace overlooking the racetrack will complement the hospitality area. 


The Geobrugg debris fence in front of the restaurant and the terrace guarantees a high level of protection while maintaining the best visibility overlooking the racetrack.

NORDBETON GmbH delivered and installed our newest generation of mobile debris fences and modified fence solutions to the existing concrete barriers and pit wall.

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