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International award for the Geobrugg GUARD

7 Septiembre 2022

The Geobrugg GUARD reached another milestone. During the Ground Engineering Awards 2022 in London, we were able to win in the "Digital Innovation" category. Information about the ceremony and our product can be found below. 


31 dispositivos GUARD en los Grisones

22 Agosto 2022

El cantón de los Grisones dispone ahora de 31 dispositivos de GUARD.


Ringnet Shaft Protection in a Polish coal mine

12 Agosto 2022

Deepening a mine shaft is dangerous. Continuous operation of the shaft during deepening is required. Therefore, installing an artificial shaft bottom was necessary for impact protection at this mine (Przedsiębiorstwo Budowy Szybów S.A., Poland.


Curso de experto Geobrugg CONSIS - Operación, inspección y mantenimiento

10 Julio 2022

CONSIS permite a los proyectistas y contratistas evaluar las estructuras de protección flexibles desde la perspectiva de los desarrolladores y fabricantes de sistemas.


Los múltiples usos de las barreras contra proyección de objetos

30 Junio 2022

Nuestras vallas de protección han demostrado una vez más su versatilidad. El sistema de los deportes de motor también se utiliza cada vez más en las carreteras.


Barrera de rocas de más de 500 metros de longitud en el embalse de Yeso, Chile

1 Junio 2022

El Cajón del Maipo es una de las atracciones más populares de la capital chilena. Ofrece hermosos paisajes amados por los muchos turistas que lo visitan diariamente. Sin embargo, este lugar está sujeto a frecuentes desprendimientos de rocas.


Strada della Forra ya es accesible de forma segura

16 Mayo 2022

La carretera provincial de Tremosine-Tignale es recorrida por miles de personas en bicicleta, a pie o en coche por las hermosas vistas del lago de Garda. Por desgracia, esta ruta se caracteriza por las altas paredes de roca adyacentes a la carretera, afectadas por la fracturación causada por las heladas y el agua de lluvia. 


Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn con ROCCO-2000

4 Mayo 2022

El tramo de vía Andermatt - Göschenen del ferrocarril Matterhorn Gotthard se cruza hasta 56 veces al día. En la zona de la boca del túnel, por debajo del Teufelswand, la infraestructura ferroviaria y los trenes que pasan por allí corren un alto riesgo de desprendimiento de rocas.


Mistake Generators' to Test F1 Driver Skills to the Limit at Miami GP

4 Mayo 2022

The Miami International Autodrome will test Formula One driver skills to the limit, as the circuit prepares to host its first-ever Grand Prix this weekend at the Hard Rock NFL stadium. 11’526 meters of Geobrugg Motorsport Debris Fences will protect the track.


Expert course on flexible protection structures

14 Abril 2022

From March 29 to April 1, 2022, Geobrugg conducted its second expert course (CONSIS) to impart knowledge about flexible barriers and their function and maintenance.


The first ROCCO-1000 barrier stands in France

29 Marzo 2022

The first Rocco 1000 barrier was installed in France.


Marine Snapback Events

21 Marzo 2022

Geobrugg fences have been successfully tested for snapback events.


FIA Approves Advanced Debris Fences for Grade 1 Circuits

1 Marzo 2022

New technology enables wider spacing between fence posts to give greater safety for drivers, better viewing for spectators and increased sustainability for circuits.

FIA Approves Advanced Debris Fences

E-Tankstelle Geobrugg Romanshorn

26 Enero 2022

The e-charging stations at Geobrugg are ready for use, they work with the integrated wallboxes from BRUGG eConnect.


Testing the barrier to the limit and over it

16 Diciembre 2021

In mid-2021, we carried out certification tests for a new rockfall protection barrier. After two obligatory and successfully held tests (service energy level 1 +2), the program is complete - all the standards required here. But the tested barrier still looked too good. The engineers wondered: How many times can we drop the test block into the barrier before giving up? More in the video.


In English: Practical guide for debris flow and hillslope debris flow protection nets

3 Diciembre 2021

The practical guide for debris flow and hillslope debris flow protection nets is now available in English, published by Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research WSL.


In German only: Neues rund um den Sachkundelehrgang Betrieb, Inspektion, Unterhalt

19 Noviembre 2021

News in German only


SAE International John Melvin Motorsport Safety Award for Geobrugg

28 Octubre 2021

Geobrugg Motorsport and the Dynamic Test Center (DTC) team, have been recently awarded the 2020 SAE International John Melvin Motorsport Safety Award. Sponsored by NASCAR in honor of Dr. John Melvin, a pioneer in driver safety, this award recognizes those who bring about significant positive change and elevate safety levels in the world of motorsports.


Rolando Romero se convierte en Gerente General de Geobrugg Andina Perú

20 Octubre 2021

Geobrugg sigue ampliando sus actividades comerciales en América Latina y crea Geobrugg Andina Perú. Rolando Romero se convierte en el nuevo Gerente General , quien ha estado por parte de Geobrugg en el Perú durante los últimos 7 años.


Protection works around Kaikoura/New Zealand

14 Octubre 2021

We've posted on it before: Protection works around Kaikoura / New Zealand. Besides the self-cleaning rockfallcanopy a whole range of Geobrugg systems has been installed.


Stabilization of a coastal promenade in France

10 Octubre 2021

Against the erosion of the island's coastline, the design office recommended DELTAX STAINLESS mesh. The stainless steel wire is a high-performance solution, very discreet and suitable for wet and saline environments while respecting the integrity of the coastline.


Superdrape in Gallivaggio

22 Septiembre 2021

The village of Gallivaggio in northern Italy was hit by a massive rockfall in 2018. Without safety measures, the village would remain largely uninhabitable. As a result 90.000 sqm of Geobrugg rockfall drapes got installed in only a few kamov helicopter rotations on a rockslope to protect the village.


And the winner is...

10 Septiembre 2021

And the winner is... the GeobruggGUARD! We received the LEADER Digital Award 2021 in the category "business" for the development of our RemoteMonitoring device: The GUARD makes structures for the protection against NaturalHazards smart in a few minutes and enables permanent digital status monitoring of these facilities. Above all, this is a win for more safety and economies in the maintenance of such structures!


Geobrugg Iberica receives European Award for Business Talent

26 Julio 2021

On July 23, Geobrugg Iberica was awarded the European Award for Business Talent 2021. The gala took place at the Hotel Marriot in Madrid. Roberto Luis, CEO of Geobrugg Iberica and representing the Swiss company in Spain, accepted the award with pride. The recognized award was given to 30 companies out of a total of 300 nominees.


On-site training in Walenstadt

15 Julio 2021

A perfect day for on-site training: The Geobrugg staff ist getting updates at the Geobrugg test site in Walenstadt. Aron Vogel attaches the a remote status monitoring device - the Geobrugg GUARD - to a rockfall barrier. 5 minutes and 3 things and are needed from installation up to the start-up: the GUARD device, a torque wrench and a smartphone.