Moffet Creek, Oregon, T35 barrier on concrete guardrail

I-84 MP 37.5 East Bound, 97014, near Moffet Creek, Oregon, EE. UU.
Triptych Constructon
Oregon Department of Transportation
Triptych Construction
Objeto protegido
Capacidad de absorción de energía
35 kJ
Altura del sistema
2.0 m
Longitud del sistema
- 100 m
Protección contra la corrosión
Otras aplicaciones instaladas
Estabilización de taludes, Road fencing
Situación inicial

After the severe 2018 Eagle Creek fire, a T35 rockfall barrier was utilized for temporary rockfall protection for the I-84 interstate during a larger scaling operation and TECCO® drape installation. Triptych Construction in conjunction with the Oregon Department of Transportation utilized Geobrugg North America's novel modification attaching the standard low energy T35 rockfall barrier to common concrete guardrail. 


The T35 system is independently tested in 1:1 full-scale test for rockfall up to 35 kJ providing easy to install, cost-effective rockfall protection. The standard post has been redesigned to attach to standard concrete guardrail and available for quick supply and installation by qualified contractors.  

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