14 Septiembre 2020

The BRUGG Group was the victim of a cyberattack on Thursday morning, September 10, 2020. The perpetrators encrypted data on some of the BRUGG Group's IT systems. As an immediate measure, all IT systems of the entire Group were immediately shut down.

The BRUGG Group is prepared for such a scenario and immediately set up a task force with internal and external IT and forensic experts. They are currently conducting a thorough investigation of the incident. Our specialists are working flat out to resolve the IT incident as quickly as possible.

Also, the law enforcement authorities were called in, and a criminal complaint was filed. Reports were also submitted to the relevant data protection authorities in Switzerland and abroad.

The manufacturing plants at home and abroad continue to operate normally. The IT systems are now gradually restarted under the highest security precautions.

The protection of customers and their data is a top priority for the BRUGG Group. The cloud systems of our customers hosted by the BRUGG Group are not affected by the cyber attack and will continue to be operated.

The BRUGG Group regrets the incident and assures that everything is being done to keep any possible damage away from customers and companies.

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