Clarea Bridge

Autostrada E70, 10059, Susa
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Objeto protegido
Carretera, Ferrocarril
Altura del sistema
4.0 m
Longitud del sistema
2540 m
Situación inicial

The Trans-European Network Transport is building a new railway line from Lyon to Turin to complete the Mediterranean Corridor. Near Turin, the railway line passes under the Clarea Bridge. Therefore, starting with the works, the railway line had to be protected from falling objects. Due to the project's international significance, the customer wanted to install a tested and approved system.


Our mobile debris fence system was modified to the Clarea bridge. Instead of using concrete barriers for panel fixation, external sleeves had to be developed, which could be mounted to the bridge. As the fixation method was changed to the original homologated mobile debris fence system, intensive testing took place following the FIA Standard 3502-2018 debris fence. The test procedure includes a car impact with a speed of 120 kph, which exceeds the speed driven in this bridge section.

As delivery via several tunnels was impossible, the panels assembly took place under the bridge. The panel racks were driven to the site along the bridge for installation. One half of the bridge site conditions required a large crane to lift the panel racks to the installation truck. This service, along with the sleeve and panel installation, was provided as a turnkey solution.

For enhanced safety, a secondary mesh layer was installed to prevent small objects from falling.

The complete project foresees about 2'540 meters of barriers on the two parallel freeway lanes (four sides).

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Roger Moor
Roger Moor
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Isacco Toffoletto
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