TECCO® CELL: Engineered solution for coastal protection

Geobrugg TECCO® CELL is a durable solution for protection of coasts against erosion. It can be easily adapted to a wide range of local requirements. It is based on a specially developed arrangement of cells which are made from rolls of stainless high-tensile chain link mesh directly on site. Simple, fast and without waste of material. The system is easily adapted to suit the environment, with planting etc. if necessary. This is in contrast to existing solutions such as rock armour, that change the landscape completely.


High-tensile steel wire

The mesh made of high-tensile steel wire enables maximum energy absorption with maximum flexibility.

Design expertise

Rely on our expertise of designing proven and reliable solutions.


The modular design allows the protection of small areas as well as large stretches of coast and can be easily installed.

Seawater resistance

High-class stainless steel components guarantee a long lifespan even in highly corrosive environment.


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Roger Moor
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