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US Debris Fence Receives Highest Recognition of Safety

30 Noiembrie 2023

- Mobile debris fence made for US motorsport approved by FIA
- Swiss company Geobrugg offering leading fencing solutions to American markets
- Rigorous tests passed to achieve FIA homologation

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Montreux: Canopy on the Gorges du Chauderon

26 Octombrie 2023

Safety measures were necessary to protect the hiking path and visitors from falling rocks in the lower part of the Gorges du Chauderon.

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Geobrugg expands with new production facility in India

2 Octombrie 2023

On September 26th, Geobrugg proudly marked a significant moment in its journey with the inauguration of a new production facility in India. This significant milestone was celebrated in the presence of esteemed guests from the fields of politics and business.

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QatarGP: Lusail International Circuit Installs Highest Levels of Safety 

28 Septembrie 2023

Major upgrades to Lusail International Circuit completed for QatarGP full track resurfaced along with facility upgrades Geobrugg debris fences installed circuit wide.

Geobrugg at Lusail circuit 2023

Cinque Terre: reopens the Via dell'Amore

18 Septembrie 2023

After eleven years since the closure caused by rockfall, preparations are underway to reopen the initial section of one of the world’s most iconic sites and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Extension of EBA approval (German railways) for spiral rope anchors and flex heads

31 Iulie 2023

In June 2023, we received an extension of the approval from the German Federal Railway Authority (EBA) for our Geobrugg spiral rope anchors and flex heads for micropiles as construction products for use on federal railways. More information can be found in our download center.

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Geobrugg with a new, blue appearance

15 Iunie 2023

As of 15 June, we appear with a new logo and in blue color on our website. Geobrugg is a BRUGG company from its beginnings in 1951. This year, the BRUGG Group will standardize the appearance of all its divisions. Safety is our nature - BRUGG is our family News of 13 January, 2023

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Geobrugg Korea joins Geobrugg AG

17 Mai 2023

After 30 years of activity in South Korea, Geobrugg Korea will become part of the Geobrugg Group.

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Biasca - half a kilometer mesh

17 Martie 2023

The maintenance and intervention center of the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) in Biasca, south of the Gotthard base tunnel, was endangered by rockfall, falling boulders and stone splinters. Over more than 500 meters, the entire plant is now covered with a mesh roof.

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Detroit Grand Prix Focuses on Fans with Safe Viewing and Open Access

16 Februarie 2023

Geobrugg enables fans to safely view the action around the street circuit. The mobile debris fence system will ensure minimal disruption on public roads.

Detroit GP 2023

BIM research project smartROCK

9 Februarie 2023

Das deutsche Bundesministerium für Digitales und Verkehr/mFUND bewilligte Forschungsgelder für das Projekt smartROCK: BIM-Methodik (Building Information Modeling) im Naturgefahrenbereich,  mit der Planung, dem Bau und der Überwachung von Schutzbauten gegen Steinschlaggefahr. 

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The BRUGG Group strengthens its brand

13 Ianuarie 2023

New logos for Geobrugg, Fatzer and Rittmeyer

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Highway protection in Sissach -Eptingen

10 Ianuarie 2023

Rockfalls endangered the Sissach-Eptingen section of the freeway, so the Swiss Federal Roads Office ASTRA commissioned a maintenance project. 

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A Yellowstone project

23 Decembrie 2022

In June 2022, the well-known Yellowstone National Park experienced historic flooding which caused roads, water systems and electrical infrastructure to be remarkably damaged.

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Silverstone Set to Bring Fans Closer to the Action

8 Decembrie 2022

Spectators to move closer to track at high-speed Wellington Straight. Use of latest Geobrugg fences gives fans better view while keeping them safe.

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The city of Freiburg supplements rockfall protection with remote monitoring

11 Octombrie 2022

The city of Fribourg secures various roads that lie below rock faces with rockfall protection barriers. To monitor the condition of these barriers, it is installing 16 GUARD monitoring devices. With the new safety concept, the city can specifically and effectively protect the routes that are well used by local recreationists.

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International award for the Geobrugg GUARD

7 Septembrie 2022

The Geobrugg GUARD reached another milestone. During the Ground Engineering Awards 2022 in London, we were able to win in the "Digital Innovation" category. Information about the ceremony and our product can be found below. 

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31 GUARD devices in the Grisons

22 August 2022

For a research project, the South of the Canton of the Grisons is provided with 31 GUARD devices.

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Ringnet Shaft Protection in a Polish coal mine

12 August 2022

Deepening a mine shaft is dangerous. Continuous operation of the shaft during deepening is required. Therefore, installing an artificial shaft bottom was necessary for impact protection at this mine (Przedsiębiorstwo Budowy Szybów S.A., Poland.

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A unique solution in Beauregard

11 Iulie 2022

The cantonal road to Val d’Anniviers (Valais) and the industrial area below are endangered by frequent rockfalls. To protect the seven-meter-wide roadway, both lanes were covered with netting.

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Expert course Geobrugg CONSIS - Operation, inspection and maintenance

10 Iulie 2022

CONSIS enables geotechnical planners and contractors to assess flexible safety structures from the perspective of system developers and manufacturers.

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Debris fence barriers and their plural purposes

30 Iunie 2022

Our debris fence barriers have once again proved their plural purposes. This motorsport system is also being increasingly used on roads.

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Over 500 meters long rockfall barrier in the Yeso Reservoir, Chile

1 Iunie 2022

Cajón del Maipo is one of the most popular attractions in the capital city of Santiago, Chile. It offers beautiful landscapes loved by the many tourists that visit it daily. However, this place is subject to frequent rockfall.

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Strada della Forra is now safely accessible

16 Mai 2022

Thousands of people on foot, by bicycle or by car travel the Tremosine-Tignale provincial road for the splendid views over Lake Garda. Unfortunately, this route is characterized by high rock walls adjacent to the road, affected by fracturing caused by frost and rainwater. 

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Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn with ROCCO-2000

4 Mai 2022

The track section Andermatt - Göschenen of the Matterhorn Gotthard railway is crossed up to 56 times per day. In the tunnel portal area, below the Teufelswand (Devilswall), the railway infrastructure and passing trains are at high risk of rockfall.

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