Route Val d'Anniviers, 3965, Chippis, Elveţia
Consortium Dénériaz-Cheseaux, Sion
Obiect protejat
Clasă de energie
2000 kJ
Înălţime sistem
10.0 m, 13.5 m
Lungime sistem
50 m - 80 m
Protecţie împotriva coroziunii
Situația inițială

The cantonal road to Val d’Anniviers (Valais) and the industrial area below are endangered by frequent rockfalls. The rock face above is exceptionally steep. Therefore, a rockfall can affect the entire width of the cantonal road. To protect the seven-meter-wide roadway, both lanes were covered with netting.


A rockfall protection system with an energy absorption of 2000 kJ was installed. The topography and the need to ensure a lightroom profile, especially in the event of rockfall, required a unique solution: the posts are between 10.0 and 13.5 meters long.

The costs for the solution are far below those for a solution from reinforced concrete.

Contactul dvs. local

Roger Moor
Roger Moor
Country Manager Ost- und Zentralschweiz, Liechtenstein
Natural Hazards, Coastal Erosion Protection, Minerit / Tuneluri
Geobrugg AG
Aachstrasse 11
8590 Romanshorn / Elveţia
René Müller
René Müller
Country Manager Kantone AG BE BL BS FR GE JU NE SO VD VS
Natural Hazards, Minerit / Tuneluri
Geobrugg AG
Industriestrasse 21
5200 Brugg / Elveţia
Isacco Toffoletto
Isacco Toffoletto
Ticino Country Manager
Natural Hazards, Minerit / Tuneluri
Geobrugg AG Ticino
Stabile Cometal, via Pizzante 7
6595 Riazzino / Elveţia