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B463, 72401, Haigerloch, Germania
Soluzioni speciali Recinti stradali mobili
Landesratsamt Zollernalbkreis
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1.5 m
Altre applicazioni installate
Road fencing
Situazione iniziale

A natural stone wall along a country road was reconstructed. The duration of the reconstruction was several months and a complete stoppage of the country road was to be avoided. To enable a partial usage of the road, a road protection with concrete elements was needed. Protection fences (height 2 m) were to be added to the concrete elements to retain potential rocks.


Temporary road protection

Know how from motorsport area

Safety measure to secure traffic from falling rocks

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Urs Dornbierer
Urs Dornbierer
General Manager Industrial and Safety Solutions
DPC per l’industria e l’edilizia
Geobrugg AG
Aachstrasse 11
8590 Romanshorn / Svizzera
Telefono +41 71 466 84 14
Mobile +41 79 810 95 44

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