- Bikernieku Trase - WRX Circuit 2016

Rallycross car at the big jump. Both sides of the big jump are protected with the Geobrugg Debris Fence

 - Bikernieku Trase - WRX Circuit 2016

Geobrugg Debris Fence

 - Bikernieku Trase - WRX Circuit 2016

Marshal post at the Rallycross circuit with good view for the marshals to the big jump

 - Bikernieku Trase - WRX Circuit 2016

Photographers opening at the big jump of the rallycross circuit. The width of the opening can be adjusted according to the needs of the circuit.


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World Rallycross is becoming more and more popular and with two very successful Latvian drivers - Janis Baumanis and Reinis Nitiss - Riga became a logical choice for hosting the next World Rallycross Race.

As a rallycross circuit must consist of a asphalt and gravel section with a minimum of one jump special requirements are given to all parties. Special motorsport barriers and solutions are required to fullfil all requirements.


As a specialist in motorsport barriers Geobrugg AG got early involved in the project to consult the different parties in the project. Special cost engineering was conducted for the project and unique solutions have been developed such as the double sided concrete barrier, marshal post or the mobile pit wall.

Geobrugg AG provided consultancy, barrier manufacturing and delivery as well as on-site training for new barrier types.


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