Biasca - half a kilometer mesh

17 Mart 2023

The maintenance and intervention center of the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) in Biasca, south of the Gotthard base tunnel, was endangered by rockfall, falling boulders and stone splinters. Those falling at 280 km/h were an exceptional hazard. The buildings, the track field, and the people working there had to be protected.

Over 500 meters, the entire plant was covered with a mesh roof. Since the dangerous splinters are relatively small, double and staggered installation was carried out with G65/4 mesh (65 mm opening, 4 mm wire thickness). In total, 70,000 square meters for the roof and side skirts. Also, the dam that runs parallel to the maintenance center was stabilized by 8,500 square meters of G65/4 mesh.

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