- Zhejiang Circuit 2016

View to turn 1 seen from the grandstand

 - Zhejiang Circuit 2016

Final turn and pit entry

 - Zhejiang Circuit 2016

Start podest and pit wall with Geobrugg pit wall fence

 - Zhejiang Circuit 2016

Pit wall with Geobrugg pit wall fence

 - Zhejiang Circuit 2016

Geobrugg debris fence seen from the track

 - Zhejiang Circuit 2016

Geobrugg debris fence seen from the service road

 - Zhejiang Circuit 2016

View along the main straight

 - Zhejiang Circuit 2016

Within China, Zhejiang Circuit is one of the few circuits offering considerable elevation changes.


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Zhejiang Circuit will be the leading motorsport destination in China.

At the heart of the development is a 3.2 km FIA Grade 2 circuit designed and constructed to the highest international standards. Surrounding the circuit is more than 100,000 m² of motorsport-focused leisure and commercial development designed to enhance the on-track experience and create a hub for the region’s growing automotive industry.

Four years in development, the vision for Zhejiang Circuit has been developed by an international team with a wealth of experience in delivering large scale motorsport and luxury leisure developments. The brief for this remarkable development had two primary objectives: to build the ultimate playground for drivers and racing enthusiasts and to provide automotive manufacturers and brands a cutting-edge platform to showcase their products to the ever-growing Chinese market.


Geobrugg was early involved in the project. We did the consulting for the client and the designer: For the most economical solution and for the highest safety standard for drivers, spectators, and workers along the circuit.

Several different motorsport barrier systems are installed such as the Geobrugg Debris Fence (standard foundation), Geobrugg Debris Fence (shallow foundation), Pit Wall Fence and a wall mounted Debris Fence.

Geobrugg furthermore provided installation instruction to the local contractor and was checking the installation progress and quality on a regular basis.


Zhejiang International Circuit


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