Гоночные трассы - Rassilla RX 2023

Starting point of Rassilla RX

Гоночные трассы - Rassilla RX 2023

FIA mobile debris fence to protect spectator area

Гоночные трассы - Rassilla RX 2023

Race control and media center with mobile debris fence

Гоночные трассы - Rassilla RX 2023

Confirmation of correct installation of the FIA homologated system




Длина системы

400 m - 1000 m


Год установки



The Raassilla Motorcycle and Leisure Center is located only 20 km from Viljandi, the cultural center of Estonia. Raassilla RX was opened on the 21st of April, 2023, after extensive reworks and extensions. It is now the most modern rally-cross track in Estonia, with a length of 980 meters. It hosts drifting, supermoto and karting competitions. 


The owner switched to FIA-homologated products for the best protection for spectators and drivers without compromising the view and being prepared for future developments.

Geobrugg was awarded to deliver the detailed layout design, mobile debris fences, concrete barriers, and the training for local barrier production.


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Marty Hunt

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