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Geobrugg motorsport barriers at the TT Isle of Man race 2015.

Geobrugg protection for the boy scouts

11 Май 2015

The Tourist Trophy is one of the hardest and most dangerous motorcycle street races of the world. Only the toughest bikers dare to ride the winding 62 km circuit on the scenic Isle of Man. Since 1911, it has traditionally been the task of the local boy scouts to operate the legendary chalk scoreboard in the finishing straight. A life-threatening job, though: The bikers travel at a speed of up to 320 km per hour on this stretch. Geobrugg supports them in this challenge. From this year on, the boy scouts are protected by Geobrugg Debris Fences that provide safety on motorsport tracks all over the world. Even the BBC reported on our assignment on the Isle of Man. Certainly the race will not be slower this year – but safer.