Wisemansbridge Pembrokeshire

Wisemansbridge, SA69 9AU, Saundersfoot, Reino Unido
Pembrokeshire County Council
Objecto protegido
Infra-estrutura turística
Absorção de energia máxima
100 kJ
Altura do sistema
2.0 m
Comprimento do sistema
60 m
Proteção contra a corrosão
Outras aplicações instaladas
Monitoring e Serviços
Situação inicial

After winter storms a small landslide had accured east of our existing 2014 installation.


It was decided to build an additional 60 m of GBE-100A-R barrier to protect the coast path and the public.

The day after the installation period an additional rock fall occurred. The foot path was able to remain open as the materials stayed behind the barrier. The fence was then lowered, cleared and repaired. A small section of 6 metres of TECCO G80/4 material was ordered to make the fence look as new. No mesh destruction was detected.

Impact, December 2020
Not only the rockfall barrier worked perfectly. Also, the Geobrugg GUARD, installed in February 2020, did its job by detecting the impact and monitoring the high corrosion rate in this coastal environment (see pictures).

O seu contacto local

Roger Moor
Roger Moor
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Riscos naturais, Coastal Erosion Protection, Mineração / Túneis
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René Müller
René Müller
Country Manager Kantone AG BE BL BS FR GE JU NE SO VD VS
Riscos naturais, Mineração / Túneis
Geobrugg AG
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Isacco Toffoletto
Isacco Toffoletto
Ticino Country Manager
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