Hanmer Drape

State Highway 7A, Hanmer Springs, 7392, Hanmer Springs, New Zealand
Objecto protegido
Altura do sistema
15.0 m, 25.0 m
Comprimento do sistema
240 m
Proteção contra a corrosão
Situação inicial

A steep 70-80°, 240 m long road cutting with limited to no catchment at the base was experiencing an increased rockfall frequency after the 2016 M7.8 Kaikoura earthquake. The state highway is the main access road to the popular touristic hot springs and an important haulage route for logging trucks. Just like most of New Zealand sites, the solution had to have a low visual impact.


The high tensile DELTAX® drape was selected due to its low visibility, high uniform strength to resist dynamic puncturing and fast installation to minimise traffic disruption. The drape utilises a raised top rope to intercept any minor rockfall from above and a bottom rope due to a limited catchment at the base of the cutting. For easier system maintenance turn buckles were installed on the bottom rope so it can be quickly loosened and tensioned.

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Roger Moor
Roger Moor
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René Müller
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Isacco Toffoletto
Isacco Toffoletto
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