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Skellefteå Drive Center 2019 - Debris Fence 6m

Fällforsheden 5, 930 52, Fällfors, Svezia
Skelleftea Drive Center
Altezza del sistema
3.5 m
Lunghezza del sistema
500 m
Altre applicazioni installate
Circuiti automobilistici
Situazione iniziale

Scandinavia's longest race circuit, the Drive Center Arena, will be opened in Summer 2019 with the Midnight race. The race circuit was constructed using part of the runway of a former Swedish military airfield.


Geobrugg consulted the owner in barrier and debris fence questions. To protect spectators along the race circuit, a mobile debris fence system, as well as a permanent Geobrugg debris fence solution, was selected.

The Geobrugg Debris Fence with a height of 3.5 meters and 6 meters post spacing offers tested protection with an improved vision on the circuit while reducing installation expenses. Fewer foundations and faster installation of the system led to an early completion.

Il contatto locale

Marty Hunt
Marty Hunt
Sales Manager Motorsport Solutions
Barriere per gli sport dei motori
Geobrugg Partner - Motorsport Logistics & Technology L.L.C.
PO Box 138
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