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Bikernieku Trase - Marshal Post

Circuiti automobilistici - Bikernieku Trase - Marshal Post 2016

Marshal post installation behind guardrail

Circuiti automobilistici - Bikernieku Trase - Marshal Post 2016

Elevated marshal post behind guardrail and tyre six pack

Circuiti automobilistici - Bikernieku Trase - Marshal Post 2016

View from the marshals on the circuit


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Situazione iniziale

Bikernieku Trase is hosting the World Rallycross Event for the first time in 2016. In order to host the event a complete new rallycross circuit needs to be built. 

In order to keep race activities as safe as possible track marshals need to be placed around the circuit. Each marshal post must be placed to have clear sight to the previous and following marshal post in order to see what flags are waived by the marshals. Hence a marshal post must be relocated if required and ordered by the stewards.


Together with its partner NORDBETON GmbH Geobrugg developed a flexible marshal post solution consisting of a concrete base with special marshal post panels on top. 

This type of design allowed a fast relocation and deployment of the marshal post in order to be flexible enough to cater special needs of the race series. 

The marshal post can be either installed free standing with an additional protection of tyre six packs or behind a guardrail. The only requirement is a even and stabilized plattform to place the concrete base.


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