Scout Road in Mytholmroyd

Scout Road, Mytholmroyd, Birleşik Krallık
Calderdale Council
JBA Consulting Ltd.
DHRA Geotechnical Ltd.
Gösterilen obje
Sistem boyu
3.5 m
Sistem uzunluğu
232 m - 232 m
Korozyon koruması
Bariyer sayısı
Tutma kapasitesi
350 m³

During heavy storms over the Christmas holiday period 2015 a section of slope failed and slid onto Scout Road.  The road is a key access point to a local school which it was important to open as soon as possible.  Geobrugg were called to site to advise on possible solutions to protect the road so the school could be reopened.  After examining the site Geobrugg recommended SL-150 landslide barrier be placed underneath the affected area.

Following further inspection works pre-construction tension cracks were noted at the top of the slope covering approximatly 175 [m] of the slope, the section that failed was only aproximately 40 [in] width.  So it was decided the barrier should cover the entire length to mitigate against further possible landslides.


The client's preferred contractor mobilised to site to start site clearance ahead of installing the barrier during site clearance it was noted that the failed section of slope was an old landfill area containing asbestos and not natural soils. 

With the assistance of Geobrugg engineers the fence line was set out at a length of 232 [m] with a post separation of 6 [m]. To accommodate local topography some post spacings were adjusted and an upslope direction change was marked out. 

Geobrugg engineers were on hand throughout the construction phase to assist with the installation as the contractor had never built a barrier before. The project was completed fall 2016 and the client is happy with the barrier which is the first they have had installed.

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