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Amerika Birleşik Devletleri


Red Bull Ring - Schikane T2

Red Bull Ring Straße 1, 8724, Spielberg, Avusturya
Sistem boyu
3.5 m
Sistem uzunluğu
200 m - 1000 m
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The Red Bull Ring is a motorsport race track in Spielberg, Styria Austria, owned by Dietrich Mateschitz (Red Bull). The beautiful race track in front of a breathtaking Alpine panorama is popular with spectators and drivers alike. It is only a two-hour drive from Vienna and one hour from Graz.

Due to a serious accident at the MotoGP race in 2020, a reconstruction of the track was arranged in coordination with the FIM, Dorna and FIA in order to achieve a reduced speed profile for the Moto GP in the corresponding section of the track. F1, however, should follow the original course. Hermann Tilke was commissioned, who solved the issue with a compact right-left combination without affecting the existing track. Due to the new course, a new dimensioning of the run-off zones and further safety facilities became necessary.


Geobrugg was awarded to deliver the mobile debris fence system to ensure that the newly installed safety system meets the FIA standard 3502-2018.

Our services included:

  • Delivery of molds and key elements to locally manufacture over 200 concrete barrier elements, thus saving transport costs and reducing the CO2 footprint significantly.
  • Barrier production training at a local precast company
  • Installation of the fence panels
  • Detailed layout design

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