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Amerika Birleşik Devletleri


Coastal erosion protection with TECCO® CELL

TECCO® CELL for coastal erosion protection

5 Mayıs 2021

Climate change does not have its effect only on land, but also the coastlines are suffering damage and erosion due to higher quantity and quality of storms. Geobrugg has started to implement a new product for coastal erosion protection: TECCO® CELL.

In Cooperation with Geobrugg as material supplier, the UK-based contractor Landmarc Environmental Engineering, has developed TECCO® CELL where the high tensile steel wire mesh TECCO® in stainless steel quality is used to lock blocks of different sizes into position in order to gain optimal energy dissipation. First installations have been carried out at Beesands, UK.

TECCO® CELL offers various benefits over conventional solutions:

- The mesh dissipates wave energy, preventing cut back erosion and erosion behind the defenses. This is in sharp contrast to the splash action and erosion caused by wave impact on irregularly shaped rock armor, hard concrete walls or solutions based on geosynthetics 

- Maximum flexibility of the cell to move with changing beach levels, improving the anchoring ability of the cell over time 

- Minimum impact on environment during construction and when completed: No components that can be released into the environment, material can be recycled if cells are ever to be removed from site

- Modular design allows for small areas as well as large stretches of coastline to be protected 

- Resilience - monitoring the performance of the existing solution installed at Beesands includes testing on the corrosion of the material. Over five years, there is no sign of corrosion on the stainless-steel mesh material

This video shows TECCO® CELL at Beesands during the storm Darcy (February 2021).