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World premiere in the Swiss mountains

World premiere in the Swiss mountains

12 Май 2014

On 22nd May 2014, there will be a world premiere in the Swiss mountains at Walenstadt, Switzerland: For the first time, a flexible rockfall protection canopy will be shown live to an international expert audience from more than 25 countries on Geobrugg AG’s test site. After demonstrations of which forces a high-tensile 3mm wire can withstand and which effect an impact of even a small stone can have, the highlight will follow: in a field test, 1.6 metric tons from a height of 30 meters will hit the rockfall canopy with 500.000 joule. The canopy will catapult the boulder after the impact in a defined trajectory out of the net and over the object to be protected. The supporting program to the live test will be the International Rockfall Protection Conference 2014 of Geobrugg AG, which provides worthwhile information around rockfall protection solutions by presentations of external experts.