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TECCO® SYSTEM<sup>3</sup> stands its ground in typhoon

TECCO® SYSTEM3 stands its ground in typhoon

7 Сентябрь 2014

TECCO® SYSTEM3 – Your slope made stable 

Eric F. Jasmin, Geobrugg regional manager on the Philippines, reports: “On 15 July 2014, a 1:1 test for our TECCO® SYSTEM3 slope stabilization installation came in another form - one that packed wind gusts of up to 185 kph: Typhoon Ramassun was racing head-on to the general direction of Ternate in the region of Calabarzon on the Philippines.  

Parts of Manila and neighboring provinces were without power up to a week after Ramassun’s onslaught, a testament to its destructive forces. Driving to the site two days after the typhoon hit was daunting with road blockages from numerous slides, rockfalls, and uprooted trees. I was fearing the worst and silently praying for the best. As I rounded the last bend to the site, lo and behold the TECCO® installation stood proudly and unscathed. Our first project has just withstood nature’s first real test.”